Living with the MND, it is not easy at all!

My name is Tom and I have been dealing with MND for years. I have to tell you that it is the worst thing that could happen to me. It is hard for me to talk, walk, breathe and do all the things that people who are “normal” can do every single day. It is hard to imagine how I feel and I am not going to complain but I have to let you know and explain what disease we are talking about. So, the MND is motor neuron disease which means that I can’t control the movements of my muscles and therefore it is hard for me to even talk.

I have to mention that there are MND events which are quite popular and which I love to visit since there are many people who are dealing with the same problems like I do and they all understand me. I can simply chat with them, share experiences, talk about the treatments and all the important stuff that involves MND treatments. Once you come to one of those events, you will come for more and we are sure that you will like it definitely.

I have visited at least five such events and it is super cool. Not only that I can learn more about the disease but at the same time I can forget about it. It is more than important to share your time and life with the people who feel the same like you and who understand you all the time. If that has happened to you, you know what I am talking about. All you have to do is come to one of those events and you are good to go.

I have to mention my life since it has been a journey that you will definitely find more than interesting. First of all, when I wake up, it is hard for me to speak so I don’t even say good morning to my wife. That is not something that many men can live with but that is something that you have to live with if you are dealing with the MND! I hope that you understand how difficult it is for me to live like that but I am more than grateful to have a chance to visit some of the events that they organize.

I am more than grateful for having a great wife as well who is taking care of me all the time and who is giving her best in order to make me happy. Along with the MND events, she has been the greatest strength in my life and I love her very much. The bottom line is that there should be more events like these so that all the people who are dealing with MND can have a chance to relax a little bit and even though they are learning about the disease, they stop thinking about it at the same time.

You have to remember that we are just ordinary people on the inside and that we are more than ready to try and give our best in order to live that way. If you think that you can join us, you can feel free to come to the next MND event where you will meet more of us. My name is Tom and I just wanted to point out that it is not that easy to live like this but if you don’t fight, you will lose, that is for sure.

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